91.1 And now, my son Methuselah, call to me all your brothers and gather to me all the children of your mother. For a voice calls me, and a spirit has been poured out over me, so that I may show to you everything that will come upon you for ever.
91.2 And after this, Methuselah went and called his brothers to him, and gathered his relations.
91.3 And he spoke about righteousness to all his sons and said: "Hear, my children, all the words of your father, and listen properly to the voice of my mouth, for I will testify to you, and speak to you, my beloved. Love uprightness, and walk in it.
91.4 And, do not draw near to uprightness with a double heart, and do not associate with those of a double heart, but walk in righteousness, my children, and it will lead you in good paths, and righteousness will be your companion.
91.5 For I know that the state of wrongdoing will continue on Earth, and a great punishment will be carried out on the Earth, and an end will be made of all iniquity. And it will be cut off from its roots, and its whole edifice will pass away.
91.6 And iniquity will again be complete on the Earth, and all the deeds of iniquity, and the deeds of wrong and of wickedness, will prevail for a second time.
91.18 And now I tell you, my children, and show you the paths of righteousness, and the paths of wrongdoing. And I will show you again, so that you may know what is to come.
91.19 And now listen, my children, walk in the paths of righteousness, and do not walk in the paths of wrongdoing, for all those who walk in the path of iniquity will be destroyed for ever."

92.1 Written by Enoch the Scribe, this Complete Wisdom and Teaching, praised by all men, and a judge of the whole Earth. For all my sons who dwell on Earth, and for the last generations, who will practise justice and peace.
92.2 Let not your spirit be saddened by the times, for the Holy and Great One has appointed days for all things.
92.3 And the righteous man will rise from sleep, will rise and will walk in the path of righteousness, and all his paths, and his journeys, will be in eternal goodness and mercy.
92.4 He will show mercy to the righteous man, and to him give eternal uprightness, and to him give power. And he will live in goodness, and righteousness, and will walk in eternal light.
92.5 And sin will be destroyed in darkness, for ever, and from that day will never again be seen.

93.1 And, after this, Enoch began to speak from the books.
93.2 And Enoch said: "Concerning the sons of righteousness, and concerning the chosen of the world, and concerning the plant of righteousness and uprightness, I will speak these things to you, and make them known to you, my children. I Enoch, according to that which appeared to me, in the Heavenly vision, and that which I know from the words of the Holy Angels, and understanding from the Tablets of Heaven."
93.3 And Enoch then began to speak from the books, and said: "I was born the seventh, in the first week, while justice and righteousness still lasted.
93.4 And, after me, in the second week, great injustice will arise, and deceit will have sprung up. And in it, there will be the First End, and in it, a man will be saved. And after it has ended, iniquity will grow, and He will make a covenant for the sinners.
93.5 And after this, in the third week, at its end, a man will be chosen as the Plant of Righteous Judgement, and after him will come the Plant of Righteousness, for ever.
93.6 And after this, in the fourth week, at its end, visions of the righteous and Holy will be seen, and a covenant for all generations, and an enclosure will be made for them.
93.7 And after this, in the fifth week, at its end, a House of Glory and Sovereignty will be built for ever.
93.8 And after this, in the sixth week, all those who live in it will be blinded. And the hearts of all, lacking wisdom, will sink into impiety. And in it, a man will ascend, and at its end the House of Sovereignty will be burnt with fire. And in it the whole race of the chosen root will be scattered.
93.9 And after this, in the seventh week, an apostate generation will arise. And many will be its deeds; but all its deeds will be apostasy.
93.10 And at its end, the Chosen Righteous, from the Eternal Plant of Righteousness, will be chosen, to whom will be given sevenfold teaching concerning His whole creation.

91.7 And when iniquity, and sin, and blasphemy, and wrong, and all kinds of evil deeds increase, and when apostasy, wickedness, and uncleanness increase, a Great Punishment will come from Heaven upon all these. And the Holy Lord will come in anger, and in wrath, to execute Judgement on the Earth.
91.8 In those days, wrongdoing will be cut off from its roots, and the roots of iniquity, together with deceit, will be destroyed from under Heaven.
91.9 And all the idols of the nations will be given up, their towers will be burnt in fire, and they will remove them from the whole Earth. And they will be thrown down, into the Judgement of Fire, and will be destroyed in anger, and in the severe Judgement which is for ever.
91.10 And the righteous will rise from sleep, and wisdom will rise and will be given to them.
91.11 And after this, the roots of iniquity will be cut off, and the sinners will be destroyed by the sword. From the blasphemers they will be cut off in every place, and those who plan wrongdoing, and those who commit blasphemy, will be destroyed by the sword.
91.12 And after this, there will be another week, the eighth; that of righteousness, and a sword will be given to it so that the Righteous Judgement may be executed on those who do wrong, and the sinners will be handed over into the hands of the righteous.
91.13 And, at its end, they will acquire Houses, because of their righteousness, and a House will be built for the Great King in Glory, for ever.
91.14 And after this, in the ninth week, the Righteous Judgement will be revealed to the whole world. And all the deeds of the impious will vanish from the whole Earth. And the world will be written down for destruction, and all men will look to the Path of Uprightness.
91.15 And, after this, in the tenth week, in the seventh part, there will be the Great Eternal Judgement, in which He will take vengeance among the Angels.
91.16 And the First Heaven will vanish, and pass away, and a New Heaven will appear, and all the Powers of Heaven will shine for ever, with sevenfold light.
91.17 And after this, there will be many weeks, without number, for ever, in goodness and in righteousness. And, from then on, sin will never again be mentioned.

93.11 For is there any man who can hear the voice of the Holy One and not be disturbed? And who is there who can think His thoughts? And who is there who can look at all the works of Heaven?
93.12 And how should there be anyone who could understand the works of Heaven, and see a soul, or a spirit, and tell about it, or ascend and see all their ends, and comprehend them, or make anything like them?
93.13 And is there any man who could know the length and breadth of the Earth? And to whom have all its measurements been shown?
93.14 Or is there any man who could know the length of Heaven, and what is its height, and on what is it fixed, and how large is the number of stars, and where all the lights rest?